2016 IASSIDD Melbourne

Participation in the 2016 IASSIDD World Congress provides a beautiful opportunity for Amerpoort to exchange knowledge and experiences at an international level.

Participation in the 2016 IASSIDD World Congress provides a beautiful opportunity for Amerpoort to exchange knowledge and experiences at an international level. In this brochure you will find more information about the three IASSIDD-presentations of Amerpoort: Download English brochure (PDF) 


Track A: a multidimensional programme for restoring a normal life 

Gerhard van Cappellen MSc, educationalist download poster (PDF)

Track A is a multidimensional program for both children and adults with a severe intellectual disability who are seriously limited in their day-to-day functioning as a result of their challenging behaviour.

Restoring normal life 
Track A aims at treatment and restoration of a client's normal life through education and training, intervision and network development for professionals. It is based on the organization's tradition combined with scientific knowledge, best practices and one's own daily experience. Broad organizational support by supervisors, management, families and caregivers is an important condition for success.

By following the program, clients have a better daily routine, there is less restriction of freedom and family members are more satisfied. Caregivers are more competent and have a shared professional view.


Step by step Communication 

Agnes Sterk, family coach download poster (PDF)

The ‘Step by step Communication’ plan offers support workers an opportunity to achieve a better understanding of their possibilities to influence and improve the quality of their communication with their clients.

8 steps 
The step-by-step plan comprises 8 steps that will enhance the ability to be present, aware, and to improve communication. Each step consists of several questions which provide an insight in that particular aspect of communication. The plan is easy to use and suitable for any support worker.

Quality of life 
This plan is based on our observations of colleagues providing support, interviews with clients and on literature. The observations show that communication is not always easy. Support workers utilizing the 8 steps will have more tools at their disposal to get connected with their clients. The result will be an improvement of the client’s quality of life.


The GriefCube 

Marjon Verboom MA, researcher and support worker download poster (PDF)

Effective grief support enhances the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities. The GriefCube© is a tool to guide staff in their support of people with intellectual disabilities who are going through a grief process.

6 dimensions 
The GriefCube© is based on current research and theories on grief and loss, both among the general population and among people with intellectual disabilities. It covers six dimensions of a grief process and grief support. The optimum use of the GriefCube© will be determined and its results evaluated.

The GriefCube© allows a support worker to determine which dimensions play an important role in the grief process at issue. Information is collected on, for example, facts and emotions from the perspectives of both clients and professionals. Based on this information, tools are provided to support the person who is trying to come to terms with their grief.


For further information, please contact Amerpoort (Communications Department), tel. +31 (0)35 647 5214 or send an e-mail to communicatie@amerpoort.nl.